What We Do

It’s all about action, baby.

The best consultants simplify complex endeavors so that those who need such services can quickly understand the value of the investment, gain trust that the activity will deliver desirable results and agree to move forward. This is how we simplify matters for your results.

Are lots of the right people finding you?

The sales funnel always starts with awareness. We all know that just building a destination does not bring the traffic. We trust you have a great value proposition. (If not, we can discuss that as well.)

  • Consultation
  • Analysis
  • Web Marketing Programs
  • Search
  • Email, database building, refining
  • Integrated, non-web campaigns
  • Training

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Are they becoming customers?

It is true. Anyone can create a website. You can. The secretary can. The intern, the cousin, the kid who mows the lawn.

It is not true that every website generates business/leads/sales equally.

  • Consultation
  • Analysis
  • Optimized Conversion Programs
  • Simple Call to Action
  • Comprehensive Call to Action
  • Content Management Systems (CMS), including custom, WordPress, and Drupal.
  • Copywriting / Editing / Content Programs for pages and blog posts
  • Video
  • Live Chat
  • Training

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Are you nurturing endless referrals?

Addressing the immediate pipeline is essential, but not everyone is ready. It is a costly mistake to neglect those who will, with the proper nurturing, not only become customers eventually but become enduring, raving fans. These strategies are a bit different.

  • Social media setup
  • Social media programs
  • List generation and enhancement
  • Email marketing setup
  • Email marketing programs
  • Training

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