Team Dave Logan Selection

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How Selects Its Members

Annually, each company on must pass their intensive and screening process. The extensive screening list is comprised of 19 independent entities.

Why? So you don’t have to! So you can hire with confidence.

We are very proud to have chosen Dru Shockley of Call to Action Alliance to join Not only did he pass the interview and pre-screening process with flying colors, but he really stood out as a company that does two things exceptionally well:

  1. He fills a niche that has been needed for businesses in the Denver area for a long time – add-ons to existing websites. Keeping up with internet marketing these days is next to impossible for business owners. Dru’s approach to enhancing existing websites is the perfect way for business owners to keep up without starting over. Of course, they build terrific websites as well!
  2. He takes the time to really learn about the company he’s working with. Using anything generic in internet marketing is probably not going to be effective. Dru really digs in and figures out how best to maximize each company’s opportunities.

We’re delighted to have Call to Action Alliance on We trust he’ll impress everybody else in the same manner.

Laura Murphy


19-Point Screening List

  1. Better Business Bureau
  2. Department of Registration Search for companies licensed per division
  3. Colorado Bureau of Investigations Criminal Arrest records for Colorado
  4. Co Court Records
  5. Department of Regulatory Agencies verify licenses
  6. Colorado Secretary of State
  7. Personal Background Check
  8. Denver County Contractor Licensing Contractor License Search
  9. Denver County Court Records – Liens and Judgments
  10. National Sex Offender website
  11. Nationwide Criminal Database Search (Includes sex offenders)
  12. Patriots Act/OFAC/BXA/Terrorist List Search
  13. Federal Bankruptcy Search
  14. Business Credit/Commercial Credit Report
  15. Consumer Credit
  16. Statewide Criminal Records
  17. EPA Lead-Safe Certification
  18. County Civil Lawsuit Search
  19. Malpractice Insurance for Attorneys







United States Environmental Protection Agency