Be a Hero! Rescue a Business!

Welcome followers of Team Dave Logan! teamdavelogan-180-01


They might be

  • your friend,
  • your neighbor,
  • your relative,
  • your plumber,
  • your florist,
  • your electrician,
  • your favorite neighborhood restaurant.

You love ‘em, but you hate their website. The site is ugly or outdated or chaotic or makes you search and search for simple information. You’re loyal and will use them forever. But you just know they are losing new business. You want to refer them but you dare not send anyone to their website, without mumbling a disclaimer. Why can’t their website match the quality of their business?!!!

For the love of prosperity, call them to action!

We are looking for the BEST businesses with the WORST websites.

The Call to Action Alliance exists to transform under-performing websites into marketing powerhouses. Nominate your neighborhood or family business with the form to the right.

The winning nominator will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card; the winning nominee will win $200 off their website transformation.