• Refer someone to your website.
  • Add the website URL to your email signature.
  • Add a landing page URL to your email signature.
  • Ask a customer to review you online.
  • Update your Facebook page.
  • Update your social media imagery.

Products & Services

  • Work on Seasonal offers / campaigns
  • Seasonal updates
  • New products or services
  • New expertise
  • New partnerships
  • Take a “before” photo.
  • Take an ¬†“after” photo”
  • Read an industry article
  • Write down some insights on a current industry topic
  • Write a blog post
  • Write a social media post

Customer Impact

  • Feedback campaigns
  • Scrape new reviews from Yelp, Google, etc.
  • Paste them to site
  • Collect reviewer images. Smiling customers!
  • Collect reviewer videos

Market & Community

  • Ask for community events?
  • Ask for partner events?
  • Look for market headlines
  • Write a blog post

Staff & Culture

  • Identify partners to be featured.
  • Interview a staff member.
  • Take a selfie for the website. One that captures you in a revealing location or with auspicious people.
  • Use your camera to photograph a staff member. Capture a relevant experience.
  • Schedule a professional photography session for your staff.
  • Revise the online application.
  • Revise the culture/value statement.
  • Change the culture quote.
  • Remove a departed staff member.
  • Feed content writer with ideas.
  • Write a blog post.

Greater Cause

  • What events just past that you can celebrate whatever level of success that they had? Plus never-to-late donations? Announce/create planning meetings?
  • What events are in the distant future to ¬†announce a Save The Date? And solicit other sponsors?
  • What events are in the near future? To announce for RSVPs, auction donations, volunteers, monetary donations, co-sponsors?

Top Needs & Decription