1. Overview
  2. Questons
  3. Recommendations


+ Pain, + Vision, – Anxieties, -Friction, +Incentive

+ Pain

Tangible success

  • sales /¬†exchanges
  • appeal to buyers
  • awareness / visibility / distinction / association
  • logistics negotiation
  • deadlines
  • satisfy stakeholders
  • personal recognition

Intangible success

  • achievement
  • accomplishment
  • satisfaction
  • pride

Worst Day


+ Vision

Best Day



  • Experience
  • Perspective
  • Customer Service
  • Community
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Big Picture Perspective


– Anxieties

  • Timing
  • Affordability
  • Customer Treatment
  • Expertise
  • Decisions / Choices

– Friction

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Location?
  • Selection?
  • Ease?
  • Means/terms of payment?


+ Incentive



  • Tell me about a typical customer experience from beginning to end.
  • How is conversion no the Get a Quote Page?
  • Why the number 12?
  • Do you have online ordering?
  • Who is your top apparrel competition?


  • As a landing page, the banner stuff at the top and the sidebar could created visual friction to the primary message.

Quick Improvements

  • Larger, more eye-grabbing headlines
  • Make form more inviting
  • Start form with What Do You Need, to get them engaged in their project and feeling the need to get it done.

Event Better Ideas

  • The top image is okay.
  • Need something at the top of the first column to grab the eye and make it feel personal. One idea: an ahimated image of JB and Becca in a rotation of shirts and apparel. Brings forward the face that is behind the text they will next read.
  • A video could work with this messaging as well.
  • Friendly, inviting text that immediately acknowledges the tangibles and intangibles they are facing. “Your project is more than a stack of shirts. Your mission depends on this element. Your people are depending on you. Time is of the essense, the pressure is on. You can nail this.”
  • Next the message is a dedicated project manager is waiting to help send the ball over the fence. The text would touch on your unique qualities that help ensure their success.
  • End with a personal call to action to choose the path that feel most comfortable.
  • Large print options: 1st segmentation:
    • Ready to go: button to go to Get a Quote (ideas on this page below)
    • Have questions
      • Congratulate them that they have questions
      • Options: Call or Stop By | Submit Question | Learn about the process and options: Digital/Screen/Embroidery, Art/Apparrel/Logistics
      • Diagrams
      • Icons (to simulate what the competition is doing)
      • Address anxieties and friction in FAQs.
      • Sprinkle in testimonials that also address pain, vision, anxieties, friction
      • If there is friction that cannot be overcome, offer an appropriate incentive. (Can you award them something relevant if you cannot match or beat a competitor’s price?)
      • Reiterate price-matching and quality guarantees at the action points.
      • All that you do in the community can be integrated with incentives and other places.
      • The calls to action shoudl include a feel of the dedicated project manager.
      • Custom!

Get a Quote Page thoughts

Change H1 to “Get an¬†Apparel Quote”

Add a paragraph to top, remind about the PAIN you address and HOW you help.

If possible, capture contact info in a preliminary mini-form.

Make the form feel super easy to fill out.

Add 1st option in lists as “Need coaching” or “Open to suggestion”.

Might have a question that identifies:

  • Quick Delivery / Low Count,
  • Higher Count / One-week Delivery,
  • Most Professional Quality