Year Design Career

Years Website Experience

Years Solo

Types of Websites


Simple validation information. Gets you on the Interwebs.

Lead Generation

To get the phone ringing and online forms flying.

Event Calendar

Sites to help people come to your events.

Online Selling

Sites to sell your stuff directly.

Landing Page

Conversion optimization for Pay-Per-Click, SEO or Social Media campaigns.

Website Automation





3rd-party Content Display

3rd-party Integration

How Much Time Does It Take?

What Do I Have to Do?


Client Tasks

  • Provide Web Vitals
  • Participate in Passion Analysis
  • Answer Discovery Questions

CTAA Tasks

  • Setup Hosting
  • Install CMS (WordPress – most recent, solid)
  • Install Essential Theme & Plugins
  • Standard CMS Tweeks

Weekly Meeting

Framework & Functionality

Client Tasks

  • Write Copy
  • Collect/Create Media

CTAA Tasks

  • Plan/Organize Content
    • Content Plan
    • Initial Navigation Outline
    • Minimum Content Plan for Pages
    • Minimum Content Plan for Widgets
  • Design
    • Acquire and install chosen base theme
    • Change General Structure
    • Add Editable Zones
    • Rough in Menus

Weekly Meeting

Design & Reviews

Client Tasks

  • Design Reviews
  • Copy Placement
  • Image Placement
  • Content Formatting

CTAA Tasks

  • Review and Approve Design
  • Review Content
  • Finalize Site Architecture
  • CMS Training Questions
  • Develop Action
    • Finalize Menus
    • Add Web Form
    • Style Web Form
  • Design/Develop
    • Style background (CSS)
    • Setup slideshow
    • Style slideshow
    • Style Other (CSS)
    • Setup HTML and XML sitempas
    • Add dummy content for scenarios
    • Style populated content
  • Assure Quality
    • QA review
    • QA fixes
    • Client review

Weekly Meeting


Client Tasks

  • Review
  • Warranty

CTAA Tasks

  • DNS points to new site
  • Google Console setup
  • Basic SEO Setup


Products & Services

Whether is it products or services, you excel at what you deliver.

Customer Impact

You truly change lives and/or businesses.

Market & Community

You have identified who you have impacted most deeply and/or most profitably.

Staff & Culture

You are specific in the culture you are building whether that is how you do thing individually or corporately.

Greater Cause

How you impact the greater industry, society or environment around you.

The CTAA Action Formula

+ Pain

Their Worst Day

BEFORE Taking Action With You

Their Best Day

AFTER Taking Action With You

+ Vision


Remedy every inhibitor


– ( Friction

Too Hard to

  • See
  • Read
  • Understand
  • Achieve
  • Etc.

+ Incentive )


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