Early Years

  • Transcription Service
  • EasyEdit
  • RealTrends
  • Imaging Notes

Developmental Years

  • WordPress
  • Networking
  • Boost Biz Ed
  • BNI

Traveling Years

  • Denver to OR
  • OR to SoCal (Covid)
  • SoCal to Chicago

100 Years

An Adventure Poem

In days of old, when darkness crept,

And hope had all but left,

A band of business owners rose,

To fight the evil that imposed.

The world was sick, a disease of mind,

That threatened to leave all behind,

An evil master, in shadows hid,

His dark designs, no one could rid.

One hero of our tale was Dru,

Who felt the sickness through and through,

He longed for community and hope,

But feared the disappointment’s scope.

Dru called to him a band of many,

Each with skills both diverse and plenty,

Each ally a shining gem of hope,

Together, they learned to bravely cope.

With guides to aid him on his quest,

He searched within to find his best,

With allies who each had a gift,

Their shared strength, they could uplift.

They journeyed far, to lands unknown,

In search of answers, to seeds they’d sown,

Their curiosity, their spirit free,

They’d fight the sickness, until it would flee.

The evil master, he had no name,

A dark lord, with power to maim,

But the hero and his band of friends,

Would not let the sickness’ reign extend.

So they fought, with swords and hearts,

A battle to heal the world’s parts,

The sickness, though it tried its best,

Was no match for their bravery and zest.

And so they saved the world from woe,

A legacy that would surely grow,

Their community, stronger than before,

Could face any challenge, and so much more.

Points from the Poem


  • Short Game v. Long Game
  • Dog Eat Dog v. Dog Help Dog


  • SO much good we can do
  • Not just for now, but for well beyond our years


  • Collaboration
  • Band of allies with varied skills

The 100 Year Itch

Re-imagining CTAA

Strategy & Technology

  • (100 year) vision
  • Strategy
  • Web magic
  • AI magic?
  • Community building and nourishing

Complementary Allies

  • coaches
  • consultants
  • tech experts
  • marketing experts
  • business services

Itchy Clients

  • see allies
  • trades
  • education
  • community
  • tech
  • environment
  • politics
  • faith

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